Hello! I am Ana Bianchi

I was born in Mexico and since I was a little girl all I wanted were art materials, art classes and colorful things.  Art-making, in one way or another, is all I have done in my life. My art path has always been a mix of illustration, graphic design and Fine Art, sprinkled with crafting.

After studying graphic design, my first jobs were illustrating greeting cards, designing stained glass windows and, as a full time illustrator at Reforma, a major newspaper in Mexico City.  As soon as I could, I fled to Florence, Italy to pursue my dream of studying painting. My professor taught me how to understand color structures by observing Renaissance masters along with modern Italian art.  I also learnt printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.

My first year in Italy, set me out on a journey around the world and by the time I turned 35, I had visited over 40 countries, always observant of how color is used in arts and crafts in different countries. Always drawing and making art.

I loved living in New York City, for 18 years. I worked in branding doing logos for companies big and small, I designed liveries for airlines such as American Airlines and Air Canada (while at FutureBrand, a major branding agency),  packaging and interiors for restaurants and food purveyors and more as a freelance. I continued working and exhibiting my art, specially printmaking, and, after becoming a mom in 2009,  I launched my illustrated clothing line for little girls: PaperGirl Collection, which has sold in boutiques around the world and in stores like Bergdorf-Goodman.  In PaperGirl, I design the dresses, all the prints and illustrations for the fabric, plus some toy characters and for each dress I write and illustrated a mini book. Definitely the biggest project I have done! Combining branding, graphic design, storytelling and mostly, illustration.

A few years ago, we left New York and moved west to Walnut Creek, near San Francisco,  following a dream of having a garden, more fresh air and more space.  In my case, I really wanted a studio space since I had been making art on a tiny 3×4 table for so long!!  

Since moving, Gingko Press, a Berkeley-based publisher, published my 2 first children books as author-illustrator “The Sailor who loved to draw” and “The Swimmers: making paper cut-outs with Matisse” and as a member of SCBWI I continue to work on new stories and illustrations for upcoming books.  I continue to do branding and graphic design projects, specially those where I can incorporate lettering, illustration and colorful spirit.  Above all,  I have been doing more and more illustrations for children products, editorial, home decor, surface and a daily practice with different techniques:  from pencil and ink, to paper cut-out and collage,  from traditional watercolor and gouache to images created on Procreate.  

I like having many techniques in my toolbox, as much as, I like having a variety of styles to work with. This is one of my strengths:  having a range of styles, from graphic to detailed,  from baby to, well,  not babyish.  This allows me to create art that gives a unique expression to each particular commission or project.  This portfolio website shows work in a range of styles and it spans 30 years of work: from the latest stuff I’ve done to editorial work I did back in the 80’s when I started.

Nowadays, this is what I love doing:

Me and my art are available for collaborations and licensing.  

Inquiries:  ana@analovescolor.com